About Us

What do we do and why do we do it?


Who is Writemaker?

Writemaker exists to help businesses launch and thrive.

Writemaker exists to inspire small businesses to achieve their full potential, through the development of websites that win.

We’re a small team of web developers, marketers and coaches based in Kent but helping businesses from Cornwall to Dundee.

What we do

To put it simply, Writemaker helps you grow your business.

We give you all the tools, training and support to build an amazing website, which will help drive sales and enquiries for your business.

Whether it’s for our all-in-one website builder, our 1:1 coaching sessions or amazing membership, Writemaker has all the tools to help you get and keep all the customers you want.


About Sam

Sam has helped hundreds of businesses launch amazing websites and take off!

Sam founded Writemaker in 2020, during what was probably the most terrifying time for every small business owner.

Having ran a successful website design agency whilst working full-time in finance, Sam wanted to help small businesses get online without worrying about the huge initial price tag that a great website often comes with.

Sam personally coaches a number of small business owners to help them deliver their goals.

He also welcomes every Writemaker customer individually and offers support and guidance throughout their website building journey.

Our Core Values


Our customers are often new to building a website. We want them to feel supported and not overwhelmed by the process. Only by investing in supporting our customers will they thrive.


Customers love to get a good deal. We are one of the most affordable website builders and have one of the most transparent pricing strategies in the industry, and we’re not shy about that at all.


We love websites. Odd, but everyone has a passion. We are passionate about making sure everyone has an amazing website for their business.

The Writemaker Team

Sam Longhurst

Founder & CEO

Winnie The Dog

Head of Customer Happiness