Writemaker is the best website builder for small business in the UK

When making a professional website for your business, there are two important factors to ensure you build the best do-it-yourself website: features, easy of use and cost.

There are many website building companies out there, but at Writemaker we've focused on the things that matter to small businesses the most, and have created a tool that will help you create a fantastic website in minutes for a straightforward, low cost.

How much should a website cost for a small business?

We know how important it is for businesses to keep costs low and to get the best value for money possible. The cost of an average website for a small business can easily be thousands of pounds. That's why Writemaker makes all of our professional website builder features available for just £7.99 per month, inclusive of 20% VAT. No hidden fees, premium tiers, or additional taxes - just a straightforward commitment to providing you the best value for money.

We offer two additional services for those who'd like them: you can register a .com or domain name with us from £7.99 per year, and if you'd like a professional logo designed for your business, you can create one using our Logo Designer for a one-off fee of £49.99.

To really save, our Annual Bundle will give your business access to our Website Builder, a free .com or domain, a professional logo to download and use wherever you like, and a place in our Showcase community for just £89 per year, a saving of over £60 per year!

We're committed to providing the cheapest website builder in the UK to help save your business money without compromising on any features or functionality.

What is the best web design and hosting for small business?

Our platform is specifically designed to serve the needs of businesses that are looking to build your own website in the UK. Writemaker comes packed with premium features and offers UK-based support, meaning we can help you with any problems you may have quickly and easily.

In order to provide you with the best do it yourself website builder, we have options for all kinds of businesses. Store functionality comes as standard meaning that we're proud to call ourselves the best ecommerce website builder in the UK.

For restaurants, our powerful menu app will let you show off all your best dishes to hungry customers before they visit you.

With 1GB of webspace as standard, you can easily create a professional portfolio site showing your goods and services, and it takes just a minute to add a contact form and let your customers get in touch with you. And if you want a more personal touch, you can add a live chat widget to talk with your customers as they arrive on your website.

Get access to the best website builder for small business in the UK today!